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Saretta Bowerman (@hairbysaretta) of Blue Water Salon, Naples, Florida, says "My passion for beauty started at a young age and my motivation in life, and in my career, is to NEVER let yourself become stagnant whether it is in your relationships, your knowledge, or your technique and skill in hair. Always keep pressing forward to become better and learn more!"

When we found this beautiful transformation on Instagram we tracked down Bowerman to learn more. Here she shares:

Backstory: This first time guest is a new mom of a 6-month-old baby girl and wanted a major mommy hair makeover. Her hair had 3 inches of natural level 3 grow out with chunky highlights going from a pale yellow near the roots to a pale orange on the ends. She also had pre-existing black hair color in between her highlights on the mid-length to ends.

Prepare the following formulas:

Formula 1 (for the base): Wella Koleston Perfect 33/66 + 44/65 + 5/46 (1:1:2) with 20 volume developer.

Formula 2 (for mid lengths): Wella Koleston Perfect 55/46 + 6/45 (1:2) with 20 volume developer.

Formula 3 (for the ends): Wella Color Touch 77/45 + Joice Demi-Permanent Red Kpak (1:2) + 2 inches Special Mix/45

Step 1: Pre-lighten hair by adding balayage ombre “painted” highlights from mid-lengths to ends with Wella Freelights and 30 volume for 40 minutes. 20 minutes into processing paint from mid-lengths to 4 inches from the roots with Wella Blondor and 35 volume.

Step 2: Rinse, shampoo thoroughly, and apply Wella Post Color Treatment to neutralize any processing, rinse again, and then dry hair completely.

Step 3: Apply Formula 1 on base, feathering the color approximately 4 inches out.

Step 4: In small horizontal sections starting at the nape apply Formula 2 on mid-lengths, blending it to the base color.  On the same small section, apply Formula 3 on the ends blending it with the mid-length color. Continue these horizontal sections up to the crown then finish the color from the ears forward with vertical sections divided at the client’s part.

Step 5: Once all color is applied, process for 30 minutes.

Step 6: Rinse, shampoo, and glaze at the bowl with Pravana Vivids Red on towel-dried hair in the sink for 5 minutes. Rinse, condition, dry, and style with 1 ¼ “ curling iron.


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