Hologram Neonic Vivid Transformation

Ash Fortis (@XoStylistXo) of Norfolk, Virginia, has been celebrating fashion color to "give hair a bold but beautiful finish. I combine my signature smokey muted neons with neonic  pastels to create what I call Hologram Neonic Vivid Transformations. I can see that trends will be playing on these color palettes throughout summer and into fall when we will then be bursting into Chrome colors!" Client was charged $400 for this look.

This look in particular, caught our eye. Fortis shares the HOW TO:

Natural level 7
Previous pre-lightened to level 10

STEP 1: Lift the re-growth using Wella Blondor with 30 volume, blended with Olaplex.

STEP 2: To the level 6 banding in mid section apply Wella Blondor with 40 volume and Olaplex. To the level 10 ends apply Wella Blondor with 10 volume with Olaplex.

STEP 3: Processed under a cap with UV lights for 45 minutes and continue with Olaplex step 2.

STEP 4: To the root area apply Pravana Silver, Clear , and a tiny drop of Violet.

STEP 5: Rinse and apply:

Formula 1: Root retouch of Pravana Silver, Clear and a tiny drop of Violet.

Apply the following in vertical sections, blurring colors side by side, separating with foil or meche:

Formula 2: 1 tube Pravana Too Cute Coral, 1/2 Tube Pravana Neon pink.
Formula 3: 1 tube of  Pravana Mystical Mint with 2 drop of Pravana Neon Green
Formula 4: Pravana Neon yellow and Pravana Clear.
Formula 5: Pravana Neon blue with Clear
Formula 6: Pravana Blissful Blue, Pravana clear, Pravana Mystical Mint.
Formula 7: 1 tube of Pravana Clear, 1 Tube of Pravana Silver with 1 drop of Pravana Violet
Formula 8: 1/2 tube Pravana Neon orange with 3 inches of Pravana neon Yellow.

STEP 6: Process for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and style.

with before shot.


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