Color by Rosa Hawkins (@rosahawkinsgoldwell) owner of DiRosa Haricare (@dirosahaircare) in Franklin Square, New York.
Color by Rosa Hawkins (@rosahawkinsgoldwell) owner of DiRosa Haricare (@dirosahaircare) in Franklin Square, New York.

Do you have clients that like to change their haircolor frequently? Have you ever had any challenges? Rosa Hawkins (@rosahawkinsgoldwell), owner of DiRosa Haircare (@dirosahaircare) in Franklin Square, New York, addresses how to do it without compromising the integrity of the hair.

“I love my clients who are constantly changing their color. As artists, we live for this, and it’s so important to set yourself up for the next change during the current service to preserve the integrity of the hair and to have enough options for change,” says Hawkins.

TIP #1: Use a semi or demi-permanent whenever possible - removal will be easier in most cases. Demi-permanent haircolor is ideal for blending gray, enhancing a client's natural color, color corrections and toning highlights. Demis typically last up to 24 shampoos and don't leave a line of harsh demarcation. They also contain no ammonia.

TIP #2: Have a plan and discuss a "transition color" that you can agree on if the next change is not achievable in one visit.

TIP #3: Keeping hair in optimal condition is key, especially when a client enjoys change. Frequent conditioning treatments and proper home maintenance are a must. "Try Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and 60 Sec Treatment," says Hawkins.

TIP #4: Be realistic, only in the movies can we go from jet black to platinum blonde in 2 hours, so be open and honest, communication is key.


The before and after haircolor shown above was done by Hawkins. "Hair was deepened with Goldwell Colorance, knowing it would address not only the porosity issues, but also because she wanted to be light in a few months. Goldwell Colorance is a demi-permanent, so it will be easier to remove…paired with the amazing shine factor of Goldwell Elumen, hair looks and feels brand new!" says Hawkins.

  • Goldwell Colorance 2n at the base and new growth.
  • On the mid-ends hair was "silverized" using Goldwell Colorance 8sb.
  • After 25 min rinse and dry hair and apply 80 ml of Goldwell Elumen bl@all and 30 ml. TQ @all.


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