Before and after (photo credit: Instagram @christine.mcmillen) Instagram @christine.mcmillen
Before and after (photo credit: Instagram @christine.mcmillen)Instagram @christine.mcmillen

Stylist Christine McMillen was in for a surprise when she posted a before-and-after of client Peachie. The NYC-based stylist works at Pembley and has been updating Peachie's short 'do for a while now, but this look caught our eye for its dramatic transformation. 

Peachie's hair was cool and beautiful before; it suited her very well. This is a case, however, when sometimes it isn't broke and you still fix it—because the upgrade McMillen made to her client's hair was next-level gorgeous. The two took inspiration from a lavender hair picture and translated it for the short style. 

After garnering more than 15,000 likes on @modernsalon's Instagram page, McMillen says, "Since this color has gotten so much love, thought I'd share the formula." We're glad she did!

Get the color: Smoky Amethyst

Hair is first pre-lightened to a level 8.

Toner: Redken Shades EQ 1 oz 09B : .25 oz 07V

Formula 1: Wella Instamatic Smokey Amethyst and Muted Mauve all over.
"This plus our precious toner gave the perfect muted purple base to put something brighter over top," McMillen says.

Formula 2: Evo Fabuloso Pro Conditioner with Violet and Red, plus Joico Magenta and Amethyst Purple mixed in "for a little more kick."

Pro tip: Olaplex #1 was used in everything except lightener. McMillen started a level 3 and didn't want to slow the lightening process.

Finish: 15 minutes Olaplex #2 treatment.

Top left: Inspiration color. Top mid: Wella Instamatic Smokey Amethyst and Muted Mauve. Top right: Evo Fabuloso Pro Conditioner Violet and Red, Joico Magenta and Amethyst.

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