Redken Formula: Mermaid Blur by Justin Isaac

by Victoria Wurdinger | October 19, 2016
Hair: Justin Isaac, Redken artist | Photographer: Txema Yeste | Makeup: Karan Franjola
Hair: Justin Isaac, Redken artist | Photographer: Txema Yeste | Makeup: Karan Franjola

Redken Artist Justin Isaac created a blend of blue and green jewel tones for a mermaid couture look.


Natural level 4, medium brown

Base Formula: 1 oz Blonde Idol Oil Booster + 1 packette Blonde Idol Customizable Blue Powder Activator with 2 oz 20-volume Pro-Oxide Creme Developer

Formula 1: City Beats Broadway Blue

Formula 2: Brooklyn Blue

Formula 3: Brooklyn Blue + Clear

Formula 4: Clear

Formula 5: Times Square Teal + Clear Glaze: ¾ oz 09B Sterling Shades EQ Gloss + ¾ oz 09T Chrome + ¾ oz 09N Cafe au Lait

Gloss: 1 oz Crystal Clear with 2 oz Shades EQ Processing Solution

1. Divide the hair into quadrants. Outline all four sections with the base formula. Use ¼-inch sections and avoid overlap. Process until pale yellow, or up to 50 minutes. Shampoo, treat and dry.

2. Re-divide the hair into quadrants. Begin in the back right section, at the nape. Take a ¼-inch diagonal-back subsection and apply Formula 1 horizontally to the first half-inch of Zone 1. Immediately apply Formula 2 to zone 2. Using a Blur Brush, vertically blur both formulas in the middle. Move down, apply Formula 3 and blur both formulas. As you move down to the midlengths, apply Formula 4 and blur in upward into the previous formula, then into Zone 3. Lastly, apply Formula 5 to the ends and blur upward. Repeat through the entire quadrant, and alternate sides so that both back quadrants are completed in the same manner.

3. Move to the front right quadrant and repeat the application procedure. Alternating sides, complete both front quadrants in the same manner. Process 20 minutes.

4. To remove any remaining warmth, apply the glaze and process 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition, then apply the final gloss and process 20 minutes.

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