Take brunettes out of their comfort zone with this color.
Take brunettes out of their comfort zone with this color.

This Clairol technique changes a rich brunette by adding a twist of blue suede.

Natural level 4
Formula 1: 1 oz BW2 with 2 oz 30-volume Pure White, mixed to a creamy consistency
Formula 2: 2 oz Be You Blue + 1 oz Clearly You with 3 oz 10-volume Pure White
Formula 3: Clairol Professional Flare Permanent Cream Color, 2 oz 4BB with 2 oz 10-volume Pure White

1. Take a parting from behind the right ear to the center nape, in order to create a triangular section in the back-right corner. Create a second, front triangular section by taking a part just in front of the left ear, angling it toward the fringe area and stopping at the center of the fringe.
2. Apply Formula 1 to both triangular sections by taking fine slices and applying from base to ends. Do not skip any hair in-between slices. Process until you reach level 9, pale yellow, then shampoo and dry.
3. Next, apply Formula 2 to the pre-lightened areas.
4. Then apply Formula 3 to the rest of the hair. Process 30 minutes.

Color and style: Julie Cornejo
Photographer: Katerina Papadopoulos
Makeup: Yvette Del Rosario

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