FORMULA: Dimensional Indigo Hair Color

Constance Robbins (@constancerobbins), a Matrix Global Artist based in Upland, California, shares the formula for this gorgeous indigo design on this formerly pink head of hair ("That added to the final dimension of the blue.")

It's very simple! Using all Matrix Lacquers, blend Light Indigo, Purple and Blue. 

MODERN reached out to Robbins to get more details. Here she shares:

"The blue was actually placed over a previous purple and pink color melt that she already had which is why you see all of the dimension and tones. It really was a very simple process but that existing canvas is what made all the difference. I don't remember the exact formula because we were just kind of adding a little here and there to the bowl until we got a smoky navy violet when we tested the color out on a white paper but I know there was Blue, Purple and Indigo.

I really wish I would have taken more photos and documented more of the process since it's gotten so much attention but it was literally two hairstylists on our day off coloring her hair blue on a whim! 

A trick I would recommend to those stylists wanting to get this color is to either pre-tone with a pink purple beforehand or add a pink/purple into their blue formulation to avoid the blue from looking too teal. The canvas and undertone of the hair before applying a fashion tone matters just as much as the formula in the bowl."

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