Sea Foam: Rainbow Pastel Formula from Pravana

The illusion of frothy waves in pastel Pravana shades that move forward from an ocean blue was created with a split-color technique, in which the hair is separated from back to front.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 4 up to 2 inches from scalp. Previously prelightened level-10 midshaft and ends

Formula 1: 1 oz Pure Light Power Lightener with 3 oz 30-volume developer
Formula 2: ¾ oz Neons Pink + ¼ oz Vivids Clear
Formula 3: 1 oz Pastels Mystical Mint
Formula 4: 1 oz Pretty in Pink
Formula 5: 1 oz Luscious Lavender
Formula 6: 1 oz Too Cute Coral
Formula 7: 2 oz Express Tones Moody Blue with 3 oz Zero Lift

1. Prelighten the base to match the ends using Formula 1. Process until you reach level 10. Then rinse, shampoo and blow dry.
2. Split the hair into two sections at the back of each ear. Pull hair toward the face to create section 1. Clip the back section 2 away for last color formula.
3. In section 1, take zigzag partings and make five halo sections from ear to ear, ending with last section at front of face. Apply Formula 2 on first halo parting behind ear. Move forward toward the face for the next parting and apply Formulas 3, 4, 5 and 6 (in that order) at the face frame. Process 25 minutes.
4. At the shampoo bowl, leave entire section 1 out of shampoo bowl. Apply water to section 2 only, towel dry and apply Formula 7 to the damp hair. Process at bowl for 10 minutes then rinse with cool water.
5. Pull section 1 back and rinse with cold water. Condition, protect and rinse.

Color, style and photographer: Chita Beseau

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