Getting Even: 8 Hour Color Correction to Eliminate Banding

The creator of the 3D Balayage and a blonding specialist, Emmanuel Andrade @emmanuellstyles works out of the KutHaus in Claremont, CA and he documented this “crazy color correction” with a video and also shared it on Instagram.

 “Seven ‘before’ pictures show the variations of unevenness throughout the head,” he says. “The ‘after’ picture to the right shows the final blend. Talk about a challenge. This literally put my skills to work.”


 “My client wanted a solid platinum blonde…which was not a realistic expectation based on all the unevenness of her hair,” Emmanuel explains. “I suggested that the priority should be to eliminate the banding and unevenness first and then go gradually lighter once her hair was even.”

 He asked her to sign a waiver “letting her know the areas where hair was fragile and could get compromised in the process.” And the client followed his expert advice regarding the process and what would be best for her hair.  “The key to this was evening out the canvas by pre-lightening all the warm areas.”


Canvas: 7+ of uneven placements

Goal: Even out canvas and going lighter.

Technique: 7+ uneven pattern, 7+ techniques. Each section required a precise placement to achieve an even canvas.

Hair color: Oligo Pro

Final treatment: Olaplex

Time: 8 hours


Lightener: Oligo Pro Extra Blonde and 10 volume Smart Developer on already pre-lightened areas (but areas that are still warm) and 20 volume on dark areas.  Super light areas were left untouched.

 Toner: (roots to end)

Oligo Pro Calura

 1:1 10-2 & 10-1 and 10% of the formula 0-16 neutralizer

10 volume

 Finish: Rinse then Shadow roots with 7-18 & 10 volume

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