How to Achieve Brighter Blondes with Less Maintenance


Erin Mills is a stylist and salon owner in Orlando, Florida, who specializes in blonding. The colorist uses Instagram to educate her more than 25,000 followers with tips and tricks to acheive stunning results while maintaining the health of your clients' hair. Recently, Mills took to the platform to discuss the how and why of achieving bright blondes with fewer maintenance appointments.

"With longer time (8-12 weeks) between mainteance appointments, my clients have healthier hair," she says. "The maintenance appointment is then just a front highlight and glaze so the entire redo is only every four to six months."

Mills turns to Alfaparf Milano to make it all possible.

"By using my magic formula, I'm able to achieve complete control of the lift," she says. "I get incredible protection and softness without the feeling of damage. The consistency doesn't puff up or become dry and a bond builder is already inside the lightener."

Mills also loves the brand for color corrections.

“Alfaparf’s lighteners keep the integrity of the hair healthy while lifting with ease,” Mills says. “Using Colorwear, I was able to correct multiple tones and provide my clients with beautiful creamy blonde color.”

Watch Mills mix her magic formula here:



  1. Begin by combining three scoops of Alfaparf East Lift lightener and one scoop of High Lift with 20 vol. This combo is Mills' magic formula for success!
  2. Starting in the back using an Umbrella pattern, tease each slice of hair, then paint the hair with Mills' magic formula before placing them in foils.
  3. Continue this pattern around the head except for the hairline, leaving out a half inch of hair between the foils.
  4. At the hairline, alternate thin slices with baby lights, and place five to six foils in each section around the hairline.
  5. After shampooing, apply her root shadow at the chair using Colorwear 7.1 on the first 2 inches, leaving the hairline out completely.
  6. Let that sit for 5 minutes then comb it down into the mid shaft before rinsing.
  7. Finishe with an all-over gloss using Colorwear 9.21

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