Hair by Jessi of @jz.styles

Hair by Jessi of @jz.styles

Jessi, the blonding and extension specialist behind @jz.styles, is a hairdresser, salon owner, educator, and also the face of an extension brand.  Her YouTube channel is populated with videos that demonstrate her hair color techiques and her work with extensions. Based in Utah, with many naturally-blonde clients or clients who want to look born-this-way blonde, Jessi has advanced highlighting skills and smarts that she willingly shares.

“Most of my videos are on blonde hair and most of my clients are blonde and I feel I’ve perfected the blonde shade and the blonde tips and tricks,” she shares in this video. “Number one, top tip,  would definitely be babylights.  It’s just a fancy term for a fine weave and I feel this is the best way to get lighter brighter results and a more even color.”

The video goes into much more detail on each point (and there are a dozen of them, along with formulas!)  but here is a look at the first ten tips to beautiful highlights:  

#2: Treat the hair line differently than the rest of the head.  "Most blondes when they sit in your chair will say I like it bright around my face. Highlights around the face makes clients feel their hair is still bright even as their roots are growing out."

#3: Tease out the ends after doing the highlights.  "I take random sections of the drop outs and tease them to diffuse the line, then babylighting the section and putting lightener on it. It helps clients feel their ends are brighter and it adds depth to the root."

#4: Lightner consistency

#5: Highlighting with a board

#6: Avoiding the scalp

#7: Saturation is key!

#8: Tension/tight foils

#9: Doubling your foils

#10: Highlight on an angle.

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