Danielle Rauto

Danielle Rauto

Danielle Rauto, digital marketing manager for Eufora, knows that for many stylist, selling product can be one of the most profitable things they do, but unlike cutting and styling skills – doesn’t come naturally to many.

With that, Rauto shares, free samples are a great way to get product into consumer hands, but without strategically mapping how to sample, you may be wasting dollars with a gift that doesn’t capture a sale. Rauto and the team at Eufora International have pulled together three proven tactics on how to follow up on a sampling campaign and all are guaranteed to bounce your revenue forward and ensure you capture future sales dollars.

How Stylists Can Sample to Capture a Future Sale
How Stylists Can Sample to Capture a Future Sale
  1. Text you guest: Send a personalized message 3-5 days after gifting a sample.

What: Get mobile with your salon phone so you can check-in on your guests sampling experience. Find out how they liked the product.

Why: Follow up will help remind the guest to try it if they haven’t and gives you the opportunity to extend the Guest Consultation beyond the salon visit – establishing you as their trust beauty advisor.

  1. Attached a bounce forward card: Include a card with every sampled item.

What: A bounce forward card invites guests to “bounce forward” to their next salon visit and purchase the full-size product at a special price. The card should also include personal use instructions written by the stylist.

Why: Providing written instructions on how to use the product, as well as the product benefits improves the sample experience at home. The special offer adds extra incentive to return to the salon.

  1. Email away: Send a thank you email to guests who experienced a ritual and a take home sample.

What: Create an automated campaign that emails the guest after their appointment. The personalized email should thank them for their recent visit and remind them to pre-book their next appointment so they can take advantage of the bounce forward special offer.

Why: The promise of a new free gift or added value offer gives every guest a reason to look forward to their next visit and sparks action to get their next appointment on the books.




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