“This was my clients first time in my chair,” Andreana Nunez (@Dreeanaloveee), Agence Salon, San Dimas, CA., says. “She was ready for a change and believed I could make her hair dreams come true. She drove over an hour to see me and put all trust in my hands - no pressure! I had told her this session that I was going to take it slow and feel out her hair since it was my first time working on it. She was a natural level 6 on top and a level 8 on her ends.” According to Nunez, she lifted “BEAUTIFULLY! The end result was a beautiful healthy rooted icy blonde. She left more than satisfied and feeling brand new. There is no better feeling - when you make your client feel so beautiful that she starts taking selfies in your chair.”



STEP 1: Babylight the hair starting in the back with Redken Flash Lift and 15 volume (bond builder added.) At the front raise to 20 volume and place 3-4 back to back slices outlining the hairline for the bold money piece.

STEP 2: Balayage paint all of the blonde ends in between foils with Redken Flash Lift with 10 volume. Lift to level 9 and pull out the foils and wipe. Run the excess lightener through the ends.

STEP 3: Rinse and root smudge with Redken Shades EQ 1oz 6n 1/2oz 7p. Process for 12 minutes and rinse.

STEP 4: Gloss with Redken Shades EQ 1oz 10vv 1/2oz 9p 1/4 9t. Process for 10 minutes.


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