When we re-posted this technique on Instagram, the crowd went wild. Brooke Filipowicz (@brooksbeautydiary), of Ginger & Blondie Salon in Conneticut, uses this low-tech solution to blend any harsh lines. 

“This is essentially a different approach to a base break,” explains Brooke. “Andrea’s (@tousledbeauty) natural level is between a level 6-7, however, my goal here is to only lift that area half a level to one level, tops. I do not want to go past that or else an undesired tone can occur or turn this into a much more time-consuming service.”


this is a perfect way to blend out hairline foils without having to smudge! . @tousledbeauty wanted a lil brightness around her face so I went in and foiled her hairline and money piece! After I pulled her foils, I didn’t love the way I felt like they were gonna blend without smudging (which she didn’t want). So (before rinsing foils) I used the remaining lightener I had left over and gently brushed some of the lightener over her entire hairline along her face softening the lines of demarcation. This created a seamless blend for when she wears her hair up! . who else has tried this technique??? . . @behindthechair_com @oneshothairawards #btconeshot2020_videotutorial #oneshothairawards #behindthechair

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ONE: I foiled Andrea’s regrowth on her entire front hairline and money piece first and then once I got her foils to a level 10 I pulled them but did not rinse.

TWO:  I then took lightener (Joico Blonde Life) and 10 volume and softly painted her hairline (‘baby hairs’) with a chip brush from roots to about an inch out.  I let that sit for about 2 minutes.

THREE:  Next, I took a mascara wand (or ‘spoolie’) and gently brushed the entire hairline to blend everything softly.

FOUR:  I then let that process about another 5-7 minutes but babysat it the entire time to make sure it was only doing what I needed.

“Again, in this case, it was only to soften the lines of demarcation and give minimal lift,” concludes Filipowicz.  "As long as your developer level is very low and you are mindful of timing once hair is painted, this can work for many different natural level starting points.”

See the results of this cool spoolie technique:

oh hey gurl haaaaay! . touched up my girl @tousledbeauty foilayage! the blondie life has officially sucked her in.... hook, line, & sinker and I freakin love it! . pretty sure blondes have more fun... just sayin . . . . . . #balayage #balayagehair #foilayage #balayagehighlights #cthairstylist #cthair #ctsalons #cthairartists #ctbalayage #balayagist #ctblonde #blonding #blonde #blondehair #blondeorblonder™οΈ #hairpainters #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon #isaprofessional #framar #b3 #citiesbesthairartists #hairinspo #hairgoals #brookesbeautydiary #gingerandblondiesalon

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