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Brassy to Blonde in 5 Sessions

Anne Moratto | September 25, 2018 | 10:47 AM
Hair by Christine Kunkle @christinek_hair
Photo By Christine Kunkle @christinek_hair Photo 1 of 2
Christine Kunkle @christinek_hair
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We loved the real world wisdom Christine Kunkle @christinek_hair offers up on her Instagram about color corrections.  This amazing blonde makeover wasn't magic, it was five long sessions, and Kunkle, a stylist in Lehigh Valley, PA, wants women to know it:  "Laaaadies, let’s talk about the process of going blonde," she says on Instagram.  "I really can’t stress it enough- it’s a process! Please be patient and please be kind. Do NOT expect your stylist to perform a miracle in one or even two sessions! I tell every client I will get you as light as your hair allows me, but i won’t risk ruining the integrity to get you there faster."

Loving both her straight talk and her stunning work, we asked Kunkle to give us the rundown on this #hairtransformation.

"So this client had extreme hard water and build up on her hair; when I did a strand test her foil started leaking green liquid." 

Here is her approach to dealing with that situation and her formulas:

 Step 1: Detox. I removed all hard water buildup and residue from her hair with Aveda Hair Detoxing Shampoo. 

 Step 2: Full foilyage with 10 volume, back and sides. Baby/strand light the entire front section with 5 volume and process for 40 minutes.

 Step 3: This step is SO important! Taking the foils out and going over each highlighted section to ensure saturation is even and there are no signs of banding! 

Step 4: Tone with Aveda Demi-formula 70g 10n, 15g light ash, 4g beige, 70g 5v 

 Step 5: Always finish off with an Aveda Botanical Conditioning Treatment. 


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