JL Paige, a Redken Artist and one of Redken Next Big Thing winners, shared a very detailed account of her color correction process, noting that it requires "patience and TLC."  The photo grid also illustrates the starting point and her foil technique. It is her technical mastery and willingness to share knowledge that makes Paige a true standout and we are very happy to pass along her steps, along with some tips for success: 


Pre-Treatment: Redken Pre-Art on dry hair for 15 minutes under warm dryer, applied Hair Cleansing Cream (on top of the Pre-Art) and emulsified, rinsed well, then shampooed again with Hair Cleansing Cream. Applied Redken Extreme C.A.T. for 5 minutes to towel dried hair, rinsed well. Dried hair completely under a warm dryer.

Formula 1- Redken Chromatics Clear equal parts 30 volume Oil Cream Developer

Formula 2- Shades Eq Cream 1 oz 05NGR 1 oz 07NGR 2 oz 10 volume Pro-Oxide

 Sectioning: Followed pattern of hair color revealing affected hair needing to be corrected, securing unaffected hair on top of head shape with a clip


  • Vertical part separating hair down the center back isolating each section with clips.
  • Starting at the right side of the nape, taking 1/4 inch horizontal slices, applying Formula 1 at the most needed targeted area then throughout the entire section with a wide, long bristle color brush.
  • Covering each section with a flat foil technique (Sandwiching the section of hair with foils, no folding needed).
  • Continuing the same application through the entire section. 

 Hot tip!  "Work through three sections on one side of the center part then work through the other side of the center part. This creates a balanced and consistent product performance. If a larger area was needing to be corrected, remixing Formula 1 would be a must."

 After last section, processed for 35 minutes at room temperature.Shampooed well with Color Extend Shampoo 

 During Treatment: Applied Redken Extreme C.A.T. for 5 minutes to towel dried hair. Dried hair completely under warm dryer, 

Toning Application: Re-sectioned hair same as above description.  Applied Formula 2 starting at the nape, using 1/4 inch slices, applying with a wide, long bristle color brush focusing on the top of the foil line down 5-6 inches of the mid-length of the hair. Blurring with a flat vertical brushstroke. Using flat foil technique to isolate hair. 

Continued the application process, alternating sides after 3 sections. After last section, processed for 20 minutes, room temperature.

Post-Treatment: Redken Chemistry System equal parts Color Extend Shot and Extreme Shot for 5 minutes. Followed with 10 pumps of Shot pHix 3.5, pulled through then rinsed well.  Finishing with All Soft Heavy Cream for 5 minutes for hair texture manageability. 


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