Anthony Marmiani (@AnthonySlays) owner of Beyond The Mirror Hair Studio, Peabody MA., says guest Sam “came to me with hopes of being a platinum blonde global bleach out. I’m not going to lie - her hair was compromised - but I knew we could get her there with my knowledge of blonding. She came in with three inches of regrowth, grown out foils, and remaining blonde on her ends from her previous stylist. The regrowth virgin hair started at a level 6 going to the mids to a mix of level 6 leading to a level 9 at the ends."


Here Marmiani shares the details for the upgrade:

STEP 1: Start by sectioning the hair into five basic foil sections. The first back section apply Pulp Riot Blonde AF with 20 volume in thin slices applying the lightener only to the mids of the hair repeating the same steps all the way to the last section in the mohawk section. Leave the ends of the hair out the whole process. 

STEP 2: Process for one hour lifting to a level 9, pale blonde. Go back in and apply just to the roots for 45 minutes.

STEP 3: Lift everything to a pale level 9.

STEP 4: At the sink apply Pulp Riot Barcelona purple toning shampoo for 10 minutes and then towel dry.

STEP 5: Tone using Pulp Riot Faction8 9-2 with 10 volume equal parts all over for 20 minutes. Then apply Olaplex no. 6 Bond Smoother + no. 7 Bonding Oil. 



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