HOW-TO: The Ice Queen

Maggie Mulhern | August 7, 2014 | 7:38 AM

We found this amazing transformation on the Wella Education Instagram feed (@WellaEducation) and just had to learn more. Caroline Kim is a true makeover master and her IG feed (@CarolineKimHair) offers the proof.

As a cross-trainer educator and member of the Wella team, Kim travels throughout the US representing Wella Professionals, Wella Color Charm, Sebastian and Clairol Professional in workshops and on platform. Her journey kicked off at the famed Cristophe salon in Beverly Hills and she continues to refine her skills in cutting, coloring, and styling at Salon Platinum Black in Los Angeles, CA. Here she offers the HOW TO for this ICE QUEEN finish:

1. Begin with a virgin application on the mid-shaft using Color Charm Powder lightener + 20 volume developer.

2. At the regrowth apply Color Charm Powder Lightener with 20 volume developer, but with a 1 : 2 ratio.

3. From mid shaft to ends apply Color Charm Lightener and 6 volume developer (1:3 ratio).

4. Tone with Color Charm T-18 (a violet based toner).

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