On June 20, The Mastery by Esani opened in Alpharetta, Georgia—an advanced educational academy that boasts a full curriculum of hands-on advanced training and creative artistry, mixed with high-end salon business success skills, to help stylists become true masters of the craft.

Launched by award-winning educator, session stylist and celebrity stylist Lucie Doughty and business-savvy marketer Arlene Lyons, the grand opening event was packed full of eager cosmetology students, excited academy owners and educators, and major VIPs—including Paul Mitchell's Global Artistic Director Robert Cromeans, Paul Mitchel co-founder John Paul Dejoria, and Bravo TVs Tabatha Coffey (HEAR FROM TABATHA IN THIS QUICK VIDEO!).

In addition to the celeb guests there were some INSANELY coiffed models and attendees at the opening—all demonstrating the results a true master can achieve through advanced education. Here, a peek at some head-turning formulas and styles.


Neon, Pastel, Bright, Wild Color Formulas Revealed at The Mastery


This pastel violet-gray was created by Jamie Anderbery, design leader at The Mastery. The hair was first prelightened to a Level 10. Then, she used equal parts UTP (Ultra Toner Platinum) and UTA (Ultra Toner Ash) with 10-volume developer + 4 violet color shots = 3 red color shots, all Paul Mitchell. 

"LaLa was a natural level 8. She's light naturally, and has the perfect style and edgy grace to wear this cut and color harmoniously... without compromising her hair's integrity," Anderbery says.



In this shot, Anderbery shows off her own color! Her hair was first prelightened to a Level 10, and colored with Paul Mitchell Electric Blue Inkworks. The vibrant, bold finish was a definite head turner!


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Neon, Pastel, Bright, Wild Color Formulas Revealed at The Mastery


Neon, Pastel, Bright, Wild Color Formulas Revealed at The Mastery


In this peacock-inspired color design, Anderbery used Paul Mitchell Inkworks in varying shades of blue, green, neon orange and pinks.

Though it did get a mixed reaction from MODERN's Facebook fans, many loved it just as much as we do!

Vanessa Versiani: GREAT mix of dark blue and green... I want it now!

Percilla Salinas Gomez: I love art on hair! That is what it is all about!

Michelle Lessie Clark: I was doing this 10 years ago--it's all just a little bit of history repeating. It looks mod with a little bit of punk, I like it!


Neon, Pastel, Bright, Wild Color Formulas Revealed at The Mastery


Check out this video to learn the formula behind Lucie Doughty's minty-green finish!


Neon, Pastel, Bright, Wild Color Formulas Revealed at The Mastery


Tavi Hightower, a stylist and make-up artist at He Said She Said Salon and Beyond in Savannah, Georgia, shows off her Paul Mitchell Ruby Slippers hair color. Though Hightower wasn't a model, she certainly got just as much attention for her style and beauty.


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In this look, a textured, tucked upstyle is swept up to the size with an elegant fingerwave-esque swoop at the fringe. When we posted the image on our Facebook wall, our fans went "like" crazy!

Mallory Antone ‎*gasp!* This is so breathtaking! GREAT JOB!
Maria Raya So pretty! Love the wave in front!
Ingrid Matallana Love that style put together very well!

Neon, Pastel, Bright, Wild Color Formulas Revealed at The Mastery


This pastel pink and minty-green combo pairs elegantly with the jaw-skimming finish created at The Mastery. The peek-a-boo of mint fringe adds interest... AND a futuristic feel!


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WANT MORE INFO ON THE MASTERY? Visit themasteryatl.com and catch co-owner Lucie Doughty's video below for all the need-to-knows.

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