Same-Day Color Correction on Compromised Hair

Sasha Lovett (@sasha_lovett) of Madison Avenue Salon in Phoenix, gained a very grateful client with this hair save.

"She had been to a nearby salon where they attempted to fix it twice while she was there," Lovett explained. "Her hair is extremely fine and thin and they first attempted a balayage then tried to slice highlight over the top to blend it out. And then they told her to wash it and it would fade out beautifully. She walked into the salon in tears and I double-booked her because, technically, we had no openings."

Lovett, a Redken Certified Haircolorist, approached this correction with care and consideration.  The end result is a lovely, cool blonde.  "And I still see her," she added, "and her hair is so much better now."

STEP ONE: "I first did a Redken Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Treatment at the shampoo bowl as her hair was thin and fragile and fairly compromised.

STEP TWO: "I blow dried 100% and did back-to-back babylights with Redken Blonde Dimensions starting with 10 volume in the nape and working up to 30 volume on the sides, all with Redken pH Bonder. Once applied, processed for 20 minutes, applied pH Bonder 2 for 10 minutes and shampoo and conditioned with Redken Extreme and towel dried well.

STEP THREE: "I applied Redken Shades EQ 07p with processing solution to the base and combed out to blend and processed for 20 min.

STEP FOUR: "I rinsed the shadow root and towel dried and globally toned with equal parts Redken 09p, 09n, 09rb and Crystal Clear for 20 minutes (10 minutes under heat, 10 minutes cooling) before shampooing with Redken Color Extend Magnetics."

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