Lift Without Lightener: The Secret for Natural Blondes Who Want to Be Baby Blondes

Anne Moratto | March 25, 2019 | 10:22 AM
Hair by Gabie Vossler
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  Gabie Vossler performing her blonding magic.
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“My guest came to me with two inches of regrowth visiting from another state,” says Gabie Vossler @gabievossler of Ho'ala Salon and Spa Honolulu, Hawaii.  And perhaps inspired by the beauty of her sunny surroundings, this client wanted to go even lighter than her naturally light  haircolor. 


  • Aveda High Lift Extra Lifting Creme 40g + 4.5g Pastel Violet + 80g 40 volume
  • Alternated between weaving and slicing where needed, and heavier around the face.

“What I love about Aveda’s High Lift Extra Lifting Creme is that it’s extremely customizable,” Vossler explains. “I can mix in more pastel blue or violet to cancel out warmth depending on the need for each guest.” 

  • Processed 40 minutes.
  • Shampooed/conditioned with Aveda Damage Remedy.

“To get baby blonde lightness, the natural starting level must be an 8 and up,” Vossler adds. “Otherwise, I’d reach for lightener to get more lift. It’s nice to have a second option that lifts and tones all in one with high lift color for our natural blondes that want to be lighter. For natural level 7 and below (also considering the texture, hair color history, and porosity of the hair), it’s unlikely this level of lift would be achieved without lightener.”

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