From Virgin Dark Brown to Rosy Goodness


Kat Collett @katkolors, a Kansas-city based Pulp Riot Educator, helped her lovely client get rosy and bright for the new year.

THE PROCESS & FORMULAS from @katkolors

  • This was our second session of lightening on my guest from her virgin dark brown hair. Assisted by @buzzedandfaded we lifted it gently and safely using Pulp Riot Blonde AF and Olaplex through the entire process.
  • Once we achieved our goal lightness, I toned using F8 (mixing to act as a Demi, 1:2 6VOL on damp hair up to 20 minutes.
  •  I toned her ends with 9-2 20g + VIOLET 10g + -55 5g = 6 VOL(1:2). Her base formula was 8-1 20g + -55 10g = 6 VOL(1:2)
  • We had to drop her base a little darker and brighter than initially planned, which we ended up loving! This was due to an at-home ‘temporary color’ that was supposed to fade out but ended up being permanent when it shifted her base to a red tint, causing a small band in our lifting process.
  • NOTE:  This by no means is to shame my lovely guests for using this color in between sessions; it is to raise awareness for anyone contemplating using an at-home color. You never know what might happen and if that might back track your hours of work you invested in at the salon! Always consult with your hairstylist if have any questions on what is safe to use at home.”

And Kat also shared a lovely note on this post that is so appropriate as we head into the New Year:

“I want to always be true to myself and enjoy every moment as it passes. It’s important to remember hardships, mentally and physically, are a constant battle we ALL are facing every day, even if someone doesn’t show it. In the words of Ellen, ‘be kind to one another!’ There is always room for love. The love, the laughter, and the light that glows within me is what I want to touch the world with. I love the people this pulls into my life. All of my friends and guests are such loving and goofy little creatures! Thank you to all my beautiful guests for always lighting up my day!”


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