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Cool-Tone Balayage Color Correction Breaks Through Banding for Beautiful Blend

Anne Moratto | March 14, 2019 | 10:09 AM
Photo By @hairbyreema Photo 1 of 2
Photo By @hairbyreema Photo 2 of 2

Reema Jaber @hairbyreema called on all her color expertise and techniques to transform this client's very-compromised hair. 

“This was a color correction at its finest,” says Reema @hairbyreema. “Typically, I wouldn’t take a client with this much damage but I was confident that I would be able to blend and correct without causing any further damage to the hair.”

 She started off with:

  • 2 inches of level 3 regrowth
  • Clear lines of demarcation (level 6/7)
  • Extremely damaged mids to ends “They were breaking as I was brushing them before we started the service,” Reema says.

  SECTIONING: “I immediately sectioned out a triangle where my client parts her hair to create face-framing highlights.” 

 STEP 1: A full head of highlights with some back-to-back sections around the hairline and nape using Schwarzkopf BlondMe Lightener plus 20 volume, making sure to fully saturate my sections and avoid any pre-lightened areas. 

 STEP 2: Once highlights were almost done processing, Reema went back in with Aveda Demi+ 5n + 9 grams Dark Ash + 10 volume for five minutes.

 STEP 3: At the sink, Reema removed all the foils and did wet balayage on the pre-lightened hair to brighten up her dull ends. 

 STEP 4: Once everything was rinsed out, she pre-toned the hair with Pulp Riot Purple Shampoo for two minutes. 


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